Friday, April 23, 2010

And we're off!

On our way to Africa! In DC boarded plane and will be taking off shortly on our 17 trip to Johannesburg! Meet Hil and Jay there then Botswana for 10 days and swaziland for 5. Keep us in your prayers. Updates when we return.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Roll Rhys Roll

5 months old and he decided to go ahead and get moving (April 13). It was almost effortless and he hasn't stopped since. He's so thick and stout with a lot of upper body and core strength so will probably move on to crawling soon. But of course he's going to wait to do that until his parents return from Africa.

The countdown is here. Mark and I are heading out on this Friday, April 23. Landing in Johannesburg where we will meet up with Hilary and Jay. We will spend one night there then begin our self-drive safari through Botswana for the next 10 days visiting the Kalahari, Okovango Delta, Chobe, Madgadikgadi Pans, Victoria Falls and more. Then we head to Swaziland and spend some time at Hil and Jay's site, where they've been serving in the peace corps. We are VERY excited! We will miss our kiddos a lot but know they are in wonderful care with their two sets of granparents and nanny. We are fortunate to have so much help and support for this to happen! Please keep us in your prayers! We will return May 9th so will have updates then.

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