Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stay away from the hospital!

It's officially July again. All the new interns are sharpening their scalpels and preparing to try their luck at saving lives. Heather is staying busy with her duties as Chief with the new interns. Mark has his hands full being a Chief as well over the whole 4 junior residents he has to oversee.

Claire continues to amaze us everyday. Her favorite word these days is...hurts. Everything she does, she says 'hurts'. The other day it got rather quiet around the house so we knew she was up to no-good. We found her in our bedroom and whe heard me she quickly shoved something in her mouth. It was her first piece of gum and immediately her face lightened up and she colorfully expressed her delight in the flavor with a multitude of wow's and mmm. She even took it out and gave it to us when she was done rather than swallowing. She thinks it's very funny to climb on top of Griff and yell, Horsey!!

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Kelly said...

Heather! I look forward to reading about the happenings in your world! Miss ya girl! Can't wait to have you back in Texas!