Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Rhys

Rhys is 2 weeks old tomorrow! I am reminded again how fast time flies! He is a pretty good baby thus far. A little awake time during the day and usually 4 hour spurts at night (although his gassiness has kept him up a little more these last two nights... Poor guy!). He loves to snuggle! He has beady little eyes that are quite curious and look all around and he often puckers his lips as he does this. Posted below is a pic of him right after he's born ( which looks a lot like his sister) and of his big hands next to his little feet.

Big sister, Claire is with her grandparents on the ranch. Will post pics of the two of them once they're back together. She is doing very well with him so far and is quite proud of her big sister role!

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