Monday, October 18, 2010

Big boo boo

Claire got her left middle finger trapped in the car window while it was rolling up and got cut pretty bad. We had to go to the ED to get it all fixed up. She did very well and was very brave.

She got a bright pink bandage once it was sutured up and she called it her cotton candy finger. She told mom and dad that she was going to be a doctor too when she grew up. Today, we gave her a surprise we had been holding onto for a special occasion. Scrubs with Dr. Claire embroidered on them and a matching white coat. She always loves to play doctor. She has spent a lot of the day giving each of us digital blocks, sewing our fingers back up and bandaging us.

She stayed distracted by watching Chipmunks on daddy's iphone.

Here she's a little goofy on her pain medicine

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Jessica said...

oh my goodness she is do big! LOVE the last picture that is hysterical.