Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas & to all a goodnight!

We hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing and blessed Christmas! After much contemplation, Claire finally agreed that it would be ok if Santa came to our house to deliver her presents.

Mommy: Claire, tonight Santa is coming to visit
Claire: no, I don't want Santa to come.
Mommy: really... But what of he brings you presents?
Claire: (quiet thought)... Only if he brings me presents... But if he doesn't bring presents then he can't come!

We almost had a white Christmas. Well.. As white as it will get in Austin. It snowed Christmas eve. Second time to get some flakes in December... What is going on?

We enjoyed being at our own home on Christmas Day for the first time in our marriage. Mark's parents, Grandmother & Lonzo, visited us at our house. Heather's parents, Geegy & Papa G, were able to be with Hilary (Heather's sister) and her husband, Jay for the holidays.

The kids were very happy with their presents. Rhys gave us the gift of sleep Christmas eve by sleeping 7 hours straight.

We hope that each of your holidays were blessed with the gift of family and rest as well.

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