Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rhys is 7 weeks old!

We can't believe our little guy is 7 weeks old already! The time is flying by so fast. He is still a happy little baby, peaceful and content. He is sleeping 4 to 7 hours at night at a time but we're hoping he begins to trend more towards a 7 to 8 hours/ night soon. He gives up wide open-mouthed grins quite frequently now and coos. He especially loves "talking" to his sister. We're still not sure what his hair is doing. For the most part it has some brown highlights but the new growth is blonde. In some lights it still looks reddish though. His eyes appear to be turning blue. He has a little notch ( elf ear ) on the right side. A precious pointed chin, big hands and little feet.

One peculiar habit he has is releasing a disturbing high-pitched blood-curdling hair raising scream! One would think, oh dear is it reflux, gas, a hair around a digit. The investigation is cut short since he quickly returns to a peaceful rest with a contented smile as soon as he is picked up. Is our little guy already getting spoiled?

So serious!

I like to furrow my brow!

Oh sister you always make me laugh

I'm not going to smile!

Keep trying.. But I'm not going to do it!

Ok.. It's coming!

Well there it is.. You made me laugh!

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insanely crafty said...

He is so stinking cute !