Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Texas living is...

So for our non-Texan friends I thought I'd update you on the excitement of Texas living.

Texas living is.... Or rather Austin living is...
-Friendliness (seriously sometimes so much it's scary)
-deer bounding on the front lawn early in the morning or late at night ( saw about 30 last night on my run... We have mixed emotions about this. Love seeing wildlife but sad that their spaces have been taken away)
-delicious authentic Mexican food anytime you want it (yes.. I said authentic.. Don pablos doesn't count)
-family 15 minutes - 2 hours away!
- beautiful rolling hills (some of these might be more specific to the hill country)
- excellent opportunities for hiking and enjoying the outdoors
-mild winters (usually) and usually pleasant spring & fall. Can't brag about the 100' summers ( 100' for 60 days straight this summer.. Not cool when your pregnant)
-live music (another Austin thing)
-wide open spaces (room to make a big mistake)
-did I mention family
- awesome stereotypes (gotta love it when tv always chooses the most backwards people to interview when something goes awry)
-escapes to "the ranch"
-freebirds burritos (putting one in 15 minutes away)
- lots of great parks (have a great park right on the river in our neighborhood. Went yesterday. Such a pretty day! See pics below)
-bluebell ice cream
- great jobs
- and last but not least ... Family nearby!

Claire & Mark enjoying the San Gabriel river at park in our neighborhood.

Come on Claire. " no daddy, it's cold!"

So peaceful!

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insanely crafty said...

That's sounds great! We'll be there next weekend!

Matt and Sarah said...

You're making me feel even more guilty that we are considering not moving back home right now! (see our blog for ranting on the subject!)Glad you guys are doing so well and enjoying the Texas lifestyle!