Saturday, February 6, 2010


We are so blessed to have so many wonderfully talented and generous friends in our lives. Rhys has so many special gifts, many homemade and many with so much thought behind them. Here are some of his special gifts...

An adorable African beanie... Handmade by his Aunt Hil in Swaziland.

A warm cozy blanket from His Great Grandmother Griffith

Special handmade crochet blankie made by mommy's friend, Maggie Lawentmann while she was on bedrest with her little one.

"Quillow" made by Great Grandmother Griffith. It's a quilt.. No it's a pillow.. No it's a quillow.

Adorable quilted burp rag/ small blankie made by Aunt Kim. One side has the cute colors of Rhys' room with some sock frogs as well and the other side is black and white with a pirate theme for our little pirate ( matches the diaper bag as well)

Precious block with the letter R and all of Rhys' birth information from Farrell & Stephanie Williams and family

Personalized little slugger bat from one of Mark's nurses, Kathy

Hand woven basket from the women of Swaziland brought back from Africa by Geegy & Papa

Unfinished project... Rhys' rug for his room. Mommy has been crocheting it.. Will hopefully be dine in the near future.

Rhys handmade by mommy crochet blanket to incorporate all the colors of his room.

We thank everyone for all the support, advice and well wishes with the blessing and arrival of our Rhys. We feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family.

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insanely crafty said...

That is so fun! Handmade is the best :) I love the hat in the first picture!! I will be shipping you something shortly... I am so slow... That is why I was suprised when you said he is 3 months already.. I am wondering when I got so far behind!