Friday, February 4, 2011


As soon as it started getting cold here, Claire began asking eagerly "when is it going to snow?" We had to explain as fun as the snow was, it unfortunately is not something we will see often at our home in Texas. Well mother nature made a liar of us and lo and behold, snow two years in a row.

Texas weather always keeps you on your toes. Just when you start to get acclimated "wham", it switches up on you! Last Monday, we enjoyed a lovely day with highs of 80, 48 hours later we were shivering in low 20's. The key is LAYERS always!

To add another twist to the excitement, our heater was non-functional (well 1 of the units, the 1 that heats our family area). So at one point it was 49 degrees inside. Funny thing is we are pretty sure it has never been working since we moved in. We were so used to always being a little chilly in our early 1900 poorly insulated Jacksonville rental that we just thought that was the norm.

So the white stuff came on Friday. It snowed through the night and there were a few inches by morning. As soon as Claire awoke she remembered that it was going to snow and ran to the window and squealed with delight. We pulled out the sleds and bundled and played until the sun melted away the fun. Rhys got to enjoy the snow a bit as well but kept getting frustrated that he was spending more time face planted "in" the white than on it.

The 49 degrees inside isn't so bad after playing out in the 20 degree weather. Hats off to you northerners who have 3+ months of this. I am a Texan through and through and love my warm weather.. Maybe not the 100 degree junk but I'd take that over the temps in the teens.

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