Friday, February 18, 2011


Our mission this year. As the schedule's fill up, we become busier and busier it's easy. It's tempting to continue to press on to be better, be more competitive, be busier, accomplish the most, seem the happiest.

We easily lose sight of that which is the most important. We get caught in the race and forget our purpose. Sometimes stopping to simplify puts things back in perspective.

This year, we will strive to keep our immediate attention on living for God and slowing things down to appreciate the "little things". I want my kiddos to have this important concept firm in their foundation.

So over the next year, I plan to implement little projects with the kids that will serve as learning opportunities or reminders for us to enjoy those little things. Sometimes starting from scratch is easier.

Lesson From Scratch #1:
Food, it should have been growing or living at some point.

This past fall, we got a taste of the trials of growing your own food. We planted a home garden. With the help of our temporary African transients, Aunt Hil and OJ. We planted a variety of seeds but had the best luck with growing dill, mint, cilantro, spinach and broccoli. Our crop was doing so well, we kept it going through the winter. It had no troubles with temps down to 30 but suffered the sub 30's and teen temps despite a garden blanket. We will see how it turns out over these next few weeks. I may have to turn some of the plants for a good spring garden.

I am loving having fresh herbs to use to cook. I'll add some lessons later on how we've used our herbs.

Today, we replenished our strawberry planter. The plants we had had a rough winter so a lot didn't make it through. We went with transplants. These transplants already have some fruit growing.

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